Application for online booking of unreserved ticket for Indian Railways

₹ 3999

The number of passengers traveling in Indian Railways is increasing very rapidly. Among those people, there are some set of persons who travel regularly in the General Compartment. IRCTC has created an online platform for booking tickets of Reserved Compartments. The customers who travel in General Compartment still face an issue because they are supposed to wait in Long Queues at Ticket Counters to purchase tickets. In this proposed system we aim to provide a solution where passengers traveling in the General Compartment have a facility to book their travel tickets online using an Webside Application.

a Advantages
  • Ticket should be available without wasting time.
  • Ticket should be check
  • Disadvantages
  • Active internet connection required to book a ticket.
  • User cannot cancel his booking.
  •  using scanning this should be advance technology use in that system and also secure.
  • Only register user and book a ticket.