Online Flight Reservation System

₹ 3999

Online Flight Reservation System is a web application that helps the commuters to book flight ticket online. In order to book ticket, the commuter has to register himself by filling up the details. Once the user had registered himself he has to login in order to book the ticket. While booking the user has to select the type of airlines he will be travelling and he has to specify the place he is going to travel between. According to the type of airlines and place, the system will provide information regarding flight and venue which are available on the date specified by the Commuter. Commuter can view the reservation after booking the ticket. Commuter will be able to view the details related to his reservation. The System will provide notice related to flight to the passengers.
In Online Flight Reservation System the admin can view the reservation done by the passengers and can add notice that is related to flight.

a Advantages
  • User gets notice regarding flight which will help him during booking.
  • User can select the type of airlines he wants to travel.
  • User is able to know about the seating arrangements in User Interface.