Online E-Health Smart Card System

₹ 3999

According to patient’s needs the hospital management introduced Health Card Schemes like one-year health card, two-year health card and lifelong health Cards. First Patient chooses the Health Card according to the patient’s requirement, depending on Health Card patient gets the discount on medical bill. Every person who is willing to issue the Health Cards, depending on card value, first need to pay Card Value to the Organization. In this E-health card system there are two entity namely, Chairman and Branch Manager. Chairman can login using credentials, manages various branches by editing the information related to it, Manages Manager by editing information and deleting manager. Chairman can manage health card by issuing new card, extending dates and cancelling. Chairman manages reports by state, branch and district wise. Branch manager can login and can only manage customers by issuing new health card and can manage reports. The electronic health card system helps the user to see any documents, source code, tasks, activities, team information with details at the click of a button. The record data is maintained and backed up in such a way that data is not loss. The speed of the system could also increase.

a Advantages
  • Patient get discounts on medical bill.
  • Card with benefits has lifetime validation.
  • This card maintains data of patient.
  • Disadvantages
  • This application requires active internet connection.
  • User needs to put correct data or else it behaves abnormally.