Leave Management System in PHP

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This online Course and  Leave Management System project is developed on html , css , javascript , and php and supported by an MySql database to store leave and user specific details. 


When it comes to managing employees’ vacations, days off, etc., the employer deals with numerous challenges: last-minute requests, a lot of paperwork, necessity to comply with the company’s policies. All this can make the entire thing a huge headache. A leave management system is an online time-off manager that allows you to automate leave requesting and approval (or denial). This software helps you to operate more effectively due to possible integration with payroll and timesheet management tools. The leave management system enables employees to request time-off, vacations, and maternity leaves as well as automates workflows that route these requests to relevant managers and HR specialists for approval, and notifies employees about the decisions. Read more on https://www.scnsoft.com/blog/leave-management-system