Park Ticketing management system

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This online Course and Park Ticketing management System for in PHP project is developed on html , css , javascript , and php and supported by an MySql database to store and user specific details.


A parking management system refers to the innovative technologies providing solutions in the parking industry. The core idea behind any parking management system is self-explanatory:

It’s a system that helps people, companies, and organizations to manage their parking spaces.

Managing car parks isn’t an easy task for companies and organizations because there are lots of moving parts including traffic and the availability of spaces. It is a time-consuming task, requires human labor, and is inefficient. Using a parking management system can help reduce a business’s administrative overhead on parking and reduce the impact of their parking space on their local community.

Parking software is used at educational institutions, municipalities, offices, businesses, and corporate organizations. This article defines parking management systems, discusses their key components, and the different use cases for the systems and software.