Employee Leave Management System

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This online Course and Employee Leave Management System in PHP System project is developed on html , css , javascript , and php and supported by an MySql database to store and user specific details.


A leave management system helps in recording, managing, and tracking employees’ time-off requests. Its main objective is to handle employees’ leave requests impartially while ensuring that the employees’ absence from work doesn’t adversely impact the business. 

If you still use paper forms, emails, or excel sheets to record employee leaves, you’re heading for a disaster. It can be anything from payroll processing errors, legal compliances, or employee crunch on a particular day.

Contrarily, a good leave management system provides a unified view of employee availability across your company and saves you from all these troubles. Some solutions, like RazorpayX Payroll, also synchronize employee leaves, shift timings, and holidays with payroll for automated payroll processing.

Now, before proceeding further, let’s look at the various types of leaves in India.