HR Management System

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This online Course and HR Management System project in PHP System project is developed on html , css , javascript , and php and supported by an MySql database to store blood and user specific details.


Decision in assigning proper skillful hands for the project is animportant issue in HR Module. The HR Administrator should report with the personal holding the necessary skills required for the project assignment. The decision in making analysis about the employee’s skills is a prime important before booting in. The proposed system of HR Module is the right software to be incorporated into the Automation of HR Software for helping the organization needs with respect to skillful Human Resource.The proposed system provides detail general information about the employee along with Educational, Certification, Skill and Projectdetails. It enhances the HR Management in adding, viewing andupdating employees’ details and generates various reports regarding employee’s skill and experience. Suggestions and Grievances posted by the employees are upheld for taking care of the necessary steps in forwarding company’s obligationThe main objective of this paper is to reduce the effort of administrator to keep the daily events such as payroll, employee performance, and employees details.

  • Easy access to the data
  • The new system is more user-friendly, reliable and flexible.
  • Data alteration is easy.
  • Maintenance of the project is easy.
  • Reduced manual work.
  • Timely Report generation.
  • Disadvantages
  • Requires an active internet connection.