Online Paying Guest Accommodation Project in PHP

₹ 4000

This online Course and Online Paying Guest Accommodation Project in PHP System project is developed on html , css , javascript , and php and supported by an MySql database to store blood and user specific details.


It has become easy to search pg accommodation nearby the work place. It was difficult earlier to go a place to work which was situated at long-distances and hence had to lose good opportunities, as we don’t know where to stay and where unaware about a particular city. But now it has become easier to find an accommodation nearby the work place in cheap rates. In this online paying guest system, users can find a number of paying accommodation nearby work place or desired place. Even user can add his/her own desired places and get the tenant easily by just uploading picture and details of the respective place. In this system user can register to get login id and password. With login id and password user can get logged in. After logging in, user can post the paying guest post by adding details and pictures of the place. He/she can also view the interested users in his/her uploaded post. The uploaded post can be removed or deleted. User can also see for the paying accommodation and after getting the desirable place he/she can select the place he/she is interested in. After selecting the desired place, user will get the personal details of the owner, he/she can get in contact with the owner and go for further processing.

  • It provides accurate details.
  • It is time consuming
  • Easy to get paying accommodation.
  • Easy to rent place.
  • Disadvantages
  • It requires active internet connection.