Fitness Club Management System

₹ 3999

This project aims to automate gym and fitness admission process as the admission process in gyms and selecting a trainer is difficult. Sometimes it is difficult to get a desired slot timing. Being healthy is the first thing to be kept in mind because most of the time our attitude depends on how we feel. Being healthy gives us the energy to work and do things. It is hard to get admission in health club when slots are full. This health club management system will help to overcome such problems by booking the desired slot online and pay fees by electronic money transfer. In this fitness club system, there is 3 entity namely, Admin, Member, and Trainer. Admin can login using credentials. Admin can manage packages by adding cost, discount and deleting old packages. Admin can manage member details by adding, updating and deleting. Admin can view the package details of an individual member. Admin can also view the member’s attendance taken by the trainer. Members can login using credentials. They can view their profile and list of trainers. They can also view the package and payment details. Members can give feedback on their trainers. They can make payments via card details. A trainer can log in using credentials. A trainer can set their profile. A trainer can take member’s attendance daily, they can also change their password in case of security.

a Advantages
  • Quickly Schedule and Book Personal Training Sessions.
  • Easily Accessible Anytime from any Internet Connection.
  • Increased Personal Training Sessions and Revenue
  • Disadvantages
  • It requires internet service active all time.
  • Data should be filled properly.