College E Print Service Management

₹ 3999

Printer Software creates printing efficiency which in turn reduce cost and increase productivity. Print management, print monitor and adjustable security settings to prevent waste and unauthorized use are key features of our software. We have provided our solution to thousands of businesses and educational institutions. Our solutions have in turn improved work control, reduced costs and increased efficiency. Proposed system is accessed by three entities namely, Admin, User and Release Station. Admin need to login with their valid login credentials first in order to access the web application. After successful login, admin can access all the modules and perform/manage each task accurately. Admin can perform task such as adding new user and creating login credentials for them. Admin can view or delete a registered user. System allows admin to view printing job list and approve or disapprove printing job. User can login into the system and perform task such as upload document for printing, and send printing request, view printing jobs, printing status and recharge their account wallet. A person at release station prints the desired requested document. Application handles load balancing on every printer on the network.

a dvantages
  • Load Balancing
  • Printer Manager & Print Monitor
  • Print Counting & Print Tracking
  • Optimizing Printing workflow
  • Disadvantages
  • Printer should be kept connected to the network