Doctor Appointment Manager iOS App

₹ 3999

A Doctor Appointment Manager iOS application which reminds doctor about appointments as well as manage, cancel, reschedule appointments. An iOS application which overcomes the issue of managing appointments for a very busy doctor. You can select the available date and time according to your choice or demand. To handle all the walk-in patients is very difficult for the compounder or the doctor himself in the manual appointment management structure. To save them from this tedious structure of handling patient’s appointments, we build an iOS application software. This system allows the doctor to manage patient bookings as well as handle cancellations and shift appointments. It also gives reminders 2 minutes before any appointment. Additional to all adding appointments, getting reminders, cancelling, the doctor can add notes for each appointment for viewing instant patient history next time patient arrives.

a Advantages
  • Reduced waiting time
  • Easy Rescheduling
  • Cancellation of the appointment
  • Reminders for appointment
  • Booked slot shown in colors
  • No Internet Needed
  • Disadvantages
  • Requires iOS operating system