Patient Data Management System

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The need for maintaining an accurate and infallible record of an individual’s medical records and bills can’t be understated. Reproducing these documents is essential to ensure that the insurance claim process goes about smoothly and without hinderance. Conventional methods of record keeping often prove to be inefficient and vulnerable to data leakage. Developed using Asp.Net This Blockchain-based Patient Data Management System has been designed to eliminate any scope of fraud or manipulation that could take place with respect to the processing of medical bills and the insurance claim

This system consists of the three entities: Hospital Department, Medical Department, & Insurance Company. The Hospital Department needs to first add the patient and create their id. Once the patient id is created, the medical department of the hospital can start adding the bills.The insurance company can search for patients using their id and recover all the bills uploaded by the medical department. After the bills have been recovered from the hospital’s side, the insurance company can cross check them against the bills submitted by the

In this system, the Data of patient mostly the finance related data is being added here. It’s difficult to understand or keep a track of the bills for any user. Since there are a lot of scams going with respect to hospital and insurance companies when the final settlement is done. Blockchain technology kills scope of manipulation and tampering of the data, here the insurance company has access to the bills added by the company plus it can added the bills which the patient has to cross verify if there has been any kind of manipulation by the hospital end.



  • Data is been added only by authorized bodies
  • Insurance company has the records of the hospital plus it can add data by user and verify if any record is tampered