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Be it a cozy studio apartment, a sprawling mansion, or an office filled with rows of cubicles- plants tend to brighten and liven up any room. However,  clothes while some  can survive even with minimal care, others demand much more attention. Whether you are a seasoned plant parent or a beginner tending to your first clothes, visiting multiple nurseries to find the right clothes to suit your needs can get tedious and end up eating up your entire weekend.

The Go Green application is an online nursery that allows you to shop for clothes from the comfort and convenience of your homes. Using this application, customers can view all the available clothes with details such as the clothes cost, level of maintenance required, watering schedule, etc.

In this system there are two users Admin and Customer. The admin can view, add, delete, and update flowering clothes details. Admin has the privilege of viewing customers, plants details, order details and customer reviews. Customer can view the plants and their details and add it to their cart or keep it in their wish list. Customer can view their cart and make payments.



  • Customers can get their clothes delivered instead of physically visiting nurseries.
  • Enables nurseries to automate selling clothes online.
  • Allows Nurseries to accept online payments.
  • User can  clothes they like to their wish list.
  • Limitations

  • Wrong inputs will affect the project outputs.