Railway Ticket Booking System Using QR Codes

₹ 3999

This project deals with the development and implementation of smart phone application which is more effective and simple than current ticketing system. The “Railway Ticket Booking System using QR Code” can be bought easily anytime, anywhere and the ticket will be present in the customer’s phone in the form of “Quick Response (QR) Code”. Admin will add the customers based on their aadhaar card details which will be retrieved while registration of customer on an android application. After successfully creating an account, customer can book a ticket by specifying the source and the destination and book a ticket. The application will generate a QR code of booked ticket which will be used at railway station to scan the ticket QR code. GPS facility is used for validation of the ticket at the source and deletion at the destination. The information for each user is stored in a SQL database for security purpose which is unavailable in the current suburban railway system. Also the ticket checker is provided with an application to search for the user’s ticket with the ticket number in the cloud database for checking purposes.ain their profile.

a Advantages
  • Ticket should be available without wasting time.
  • Ticket should be check
  • Disadvantages
  • Active internet connection required to book a ticket.
  • User cannot cancel his booking.
  •  using scanning this should be advance technology use in that system and also secure.
  • Only register user and book a ticket.